The Equines, being at least* Erin Murphy, Mike Murphy and Greg Ferris, brought a unique "insert quote here" up and down the east coast of the US, releasing their album Hearts on Faces in 2008.   Based in Sarasota, Florida, the Equines participated in the Noise Ordinance festival, releasing two more songs for the compilations.  Their song "Out to Pasture" was remixed by Kill Paris in 2010.
They slowed down their reasonably regular regional Florida shows in 2012 when the Murphys, inspired by their east coast tour, opened a short-lived DIY venue, the Closet, in a storefront downtown. Later, the member's other musical projects took the forefront.  
The band reunited for the Harvey Milk Festival in 2018, and (almost) again in 2020 for the Ringling Underground concert series.

*(and at times Andrew Sink, Harper Sublette, Olivia Posani, Jeannine Blewitt, Adam Marret, Sven Britt, Bryan Beardsley, Greg Bortnichak, Kenra Whyte, and Josh Scheible)
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